Men’s Mental Health Matters

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Several researchers have stated that there is a silent crisis in the mental health of men. Men’s mental health is equal to physical health. Our society does not talk enough about men and depression. Our culture doesn’t always leave space for men to express their worries, insecurities and inner struggle. The stigma surrounding mental health that stops many men from talking about their fears,reservations and confusions and seeking help when they need it. Let’s talk more about men’s mental health wellness and support them to glow and grow better.

We have very important men in our lives like fathers, spouses, sons, brothers, uncles, and friends. Their health matters to us a lot and they are the foundation of our happy, secure life. That’s why we need to have a greater concern about their emotional wellbeing. Good mental health is as important as oxygen, water and sunshine – we all need it to survive.

Our society for generations has always depicted men as a stronger gender - one who is physically strong, doesn't cry and is emotionally stronger. Many men who suffer silently have been diagnosed with mental health issues but do nothing about it because they think confessing it makes them weak. Suffering silently will enhance these symptoms and lead to complications in future treatment.

Family, please pay close attention to men’s physical and emotional wellbeing and keep a track on their actions such as intolerance, unwanted arguments, addiction, and domestic distress. Encourage them to talk to professionals. Timely guidance given by professionals help men to be happier, stress free, be rational in their ideas, and be more productive in their personal, family and professional life. Let’s not allow stress to drain men’s energy, body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Nancy Kurian
The Wellness Architect
Founder and Managing Director Golden Threads