Mobile Game Addiction

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Researches by cyber psychologists prove that personality traits like neuroticism, sensation seeking, anxiety, and aggression displayed significant associations with online gaming addiction. Addiction to the internet is connected to negative aspects like failing in education, family conflicts, daydreaming, no clear focus on life, lack of motivation to plan their future and relationship problems.

Visual, muscular-skeletal, obesity and epileptic seizures are the physical health disorders associated with long term video game activity. Gamers and their family must have a greater awareness of signs and symptoms of gaming addiction on daily activities, physical and mental health issues, and trouble in social relationships. Maladaptive patterns of mobile game playing behavior, will result in delinquent behavior, uncontrolled spending, weakening physical health and mental health, lack of goal setting in day-to-day life and living in an illusionary world.

Thinking about gaming all or a lot of the time, feeling bad when can’t play, needing to spend more and more time playing to feel good, playing games to handle mood swings are the classic symptoms of addiction. To avoid loneliness, anxiety and physical hazards associated with this addiction, gamers must set time limits for playing and stick to them. Keeping phones and other gadgets out of the bedroom will help avoid using mobile phones at night. Involving in physical exercises, travel, part time jobs, volunteering in non-profit organizations, meditation, reading habits, watching movies, learning new courses, involving in family chores,learning new musical instruments supports physical and mental health, enhances focus on life and helps to avoid mobile gaming addiction.

Dr. Nancy Kurian
The Wellness Architect
Founder and Managing Director Golden Threads