What’s your story?

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There’s an old saying that everyone has a book inside of them. The tales we tell hold a controlling effect over our recollection of memories and it influences our behavior. We all have those stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, the ones we’ve been telling ourselves for years about who we are, how life experiences have impacted our journey of life and how our pasts have influenced our current lives.

A life story doesn’t just say what happened in the past, do not simply reflect our personality, but speaks volumes about their goals and values. Whether positive or negative our story is, how it is going to impact our present and future life matters a lot. What happens next in life depends upon the narration that runs in mind like an old tale.

If our story has a negative twist and turns and it impacts our life badly, to change our stories and in turn our life in an inspiring way, we need to engage with them, to dialogue with them gently, constantly, and relentlessly to change the way the narrative goes.

Listen to your inner story carefully and do self-talk therapy and give effectual guidance to yourself. Imagine that your own story is being made into a movie. What genre of movie you want it to be – tragedy, melancholic or happy feel-good movie. If we practice a redemptive story in our mind, life changes positively.

Dr. Nancy Kurian
The Wellness Architect
Founder and Managing Director Golden Threads